How to Make Money with Web Hosting: Reseller Hosting

Date: 28 Jul 2009 Comments: 0

For any online business, hosting is an essential cost that cannot be overlooked. Every website on the internet has some form of hosting, and unfortunately you will need the same. On the other hand, there is a way to minimize you costs, or pull a profit from it. Most web hosting companies offer a plan for reseller hosting. If you are unfamiliar with reseller hosting, it is a plan that allows you to sell off portions of your hosting to others.

The cost for a reseller hosting account is lower than what you would pay for a dedicated server, but a bit higher than shared hosting. Reseller Web HostingUnlike shared hosting plans that offer unlimited everything, or so they say, reseller hosting has a set amount of everything. Each plan will have a different amount of bandwidth, space and domains that can be hosted. Don’t worry though, it isn’t a small amount.

Now here is where the money starts to come in. You can offer out your reseller hosting as if you have your own hosting company. Rebrand it, advertise it, and sell it as you would any other service. If you divide up your hosting correctly, you will be able to make a scalable profit over time. Even before you begin to make a profit, you can certainly cut into your hosting costs.

Getting customers can be a problem at first, but there are many different ways to approach this. You can go around webmaster forums and offer your plans out cheaper than others that are selling there. This allows you to build a base of monthly customers to build off of. You also can take a different approach, and offer simple web page building service if they dedicate themselves to use your server for X amount of months. You can also offer it out cheaply through a membership website, if you want to continue to build up your profit.

You can also go the professional looking route and set up your own webpage, logo and company name. Simply make it look inviting, offer a bargain for what you are selling, and get out and advertise. Over time you could continuously build up your client base until you have the means to truly start your own hosting business. For those that are just looking for a small venture into this market, get out on the web and network. Provide information to customers on forums while making you look dependable and capable of fulfilling their needs.

There are certain things that you have to be careful about as well. Look out for different spammers that might give your service a bad name. They will purchase hosting due to the fact it is at a low price, and then perform illegal activities that can negatively affect your business. It can be tough to screen customers while trying to build a base, but over time you will begin to spot certain troublesome users from a mile away. As time passes, your reseller hosting will continue to bring in a profit, and because it is a residual income, you have very little work involved after the customer is sold on your hosting. Do it right and the sky is the limit.

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