Unlimited Web Hosting – is it realistic?

Date: 15 Oct 2009 Comments: 0

Unlimited – what a great word. It holds with it the imagination of never having to shop around again. A warm feeling stays with you as you continue to build up your collection of websites. You wish that this dream last will last forever. The problem is, although many web sites flaunt the unlimited plans in front of you, few actually allow “unlimited” usage. We will start with the obvious and work our way down. Do unlimited web space, bandwidth, and domain hosting truly exist?

The answer is, only to a point. Many web host providers throw out words to entice you to buy from them, but many times people overlook the fine print. The unlimited offer is not actually unlimited. curve risingThere are many different limits placed on your web hosting. Let’s start with bandwidth. At first your web sites will have a low amount of traffic. As time passes, your traffic and collection of web sites will continue to increase. Each site will continue to use more and more bandwidth. Within a certain amount of time, your web host will contact you about the over use of the CPU, and overuse of bandwidth.

Next follows the encouragement to upgrade to either a VPS or a dedicated server. Eventually this is a good choice, but who likes to be pushed into it? Back on point, the unlimited storage space is also an illusion. You can upload a large amount of files. The problem begins with the size the files must be. Most of the time, web hosts limit the file size to 25 MBs. This is a small amount for web sites that have videos and other large files that could be uploaded. Limiting the amount that can be uploaded also limits the amount you can add to your domains.

Now that both memory and bandwidth have been proven less than unlimited, we will tackle unlimited domain names. This is actually limited by the bandwidth and memory. Although you could possibly continue to add on domain names, unless they took up no space and had no traffic, they would also eventually be limited. As with anything that claims to be unlimited, it is always until a point. These web hosting companies are in the business to make money, and it simply is bad business to give the same prices to people with one website as those with hundreds.

So is unlimited web hosting realistic? Unfortunately no, you will eventually have to upgrade to a new plan. The choice is up to you when, although you run the possibility you web host will stop your server use if it gets too severe and interferes with the other users on the server. When your business is thriving enough to need to upgrade, it is normally a good sign. There are still affordable options to choose from. Knowing you need the added space and bandwidth should be incentive enough to increase the smoothness of your visitors surfing.

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