Which Type of Web Hosting is Right for You?

Written on 2010/01/07 – 4:12 PM | by Steve |

When it comes to web hosting, there are a number of different routes you can take. How do you know which web hosting is right for you? Well, that’s going to depend solely upon you and what you are looking for. First, you have to decide on a web hosting service that you can [...]

What’s the difference between VPS hosting and Shared Hosting

Written on 2009/11/03 – 7:27 PM | by Steve |

On your quest to find the perfect hosting solution, the options of shared hosting and VPS hosting have arisen. To the naked eye, the similarities between these two hosting plans outweigh the differences. But for any serious webmaster, there is a distinct variation in the options and ability of both service plans. [...]

Unlimited Web Hosting – is it realistic?

Written on 2009/10/15 – 10:44 AM | by Steve |

Unlimited – what a great word. It holds with it the imagination of never having to shop around again. A warm feeling stays with you as you continue to build up your collection of websites. You wish that this dream last will last forever. The problem is, although many web sites [...]

The differences between Linux hosting and Windows hosting

Written on 2009/09/29 – 10:37 AM | by Steve |

Two of the major operating systems that are normally chosen to run web hosting servers, Linux and Windows, are similar but very different. Choosing between the two can be a burden of faith for the ill informed, so research is essential before finalizing any decision.
Linux hosting is a popular operating system for web hosting [...]

The History of Web Hosting

Written on 2009/08/03 – 12:22 AM | by Steve |

The internet is one of the greatest forms of technology in existence, with more than fifty million websites interconnected in a web of information. Technically in order to take a look back at the history of web hosting, we need to look at the history of the internet as well.
In August of 1962, J.C.R. Licklider [...]

How to Make Money with Web Hosting: Reseller Hosting

Written on 2009/07/28 – 7:44 PM | by Steve |

For any online business, hosting is an essential cost that cannot be overlooked. Every website on the internet has some form of hosting, and unfortunately you will need the same. On the other hand, there is a way to minimize you costs, or pull a profit from it. Most web hosting companies offer [...]

The pros and cons of a free web host

Written on 2009/06/28 – 7:55 PM | by Steve |

If you are in the market for a free web host, than take into account all the pros and cons of your decision. The word free is quite enticing. Is it really free though? Most free hosts still are capable of pulling in a profit, so it must be generating some kind [...]